About Boats 4 Heroes

Mission Statement

Boats 4 Heroes goal is to assist recuperating military men and women while adjusting from their military lives to civilian life. We are dedicated in helping our wounded warriors and veterans with rehabilitation, support to families and their support system of wounded warriors including those with IED and loss of limb injuries. We will assist in the modification of housing and accommodate disabled veterans, aide wounded warriors, and support families of our military men and women upon returning from war.

About Us

Boats 4 Heroes is a foundation comprised of individuals working to fill the needs of our wounded warriors, DAV and their families. Your donations are not spent on large offices, vehicles, or telemarketing campaigns. Simply put, your donations will provide rehabilitation, housing renovations to assist disabled veteransassisting families so they may visit their loved ones while recuperating in the hospital, and helping to facilitate the transition of wounded service men and women back into civilian society is how your donation is used.