tumblr_mq5hdtbKmY1robwtho1_1280[1]Boats 4 Heroes submission form and information

A 501(c)(3) Charitable Foundation
Charitable donations raise funds to aid our wounded veterans and give you a tax deduction. We have provided the official IRS Forms and documentation links for you to use for more information. Please read all information provided and fill out the necessary questions. Once completed, please review the Owner Documentation to ensure all items are satisfied and submit your Submission Form.

Ownership Documents

  • We need a photocopy of the original Title and/or Registration for your boat, trailer and outboard engine (if applicable).
  • Fill the out the questionnaire completely and accurately.
  • Include any extra comments, on a separate page.
  • Please provide us with a HIN (Hull Identification Number), which is usually located on or near the transom (if not on your title/registration paperwork).
  • Please be as accurate as possible on the questionnaire. We must have the most recent and accurate description of the vessel so that we can represent the item properly when we list it on our charity auction website. If you have any question, please contact me directly so we may discuss further. Thank you for your time.


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